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Kollasoft  offers reliable, custom, value-driven and full-fledged IT services to local and global clients.

Our technology offerings aim to enhance the client’s business processes with an assurance on high returns on the investments made.

Application Management Services
Kollasoft offers affordable and high-quality driven application development and maintenance services. We follow established methodologies to develop solutions for a variety of complex organizational problems. More...
Architecture Services
Each IT infrastructure solution should result in enhancing the effectives of the client’s business, and assures enhanced bottom line. More...
Information Management Services
We help our clients by developing their information management processes and strategies that in turn will strengthen their assets. More...
Infrastructure Services
We offer end-to-end support towards strengthening your business’ infrastructure systems. More...
Lifecycle Management
We help clients by managing effectively their IT lifecycle by leveraging on the best of proprietary and open source technologies. More...
Mobility Services
With the phenomenal increase in the number of mobile users the need to adopt innovative technologies to stay in competition and serve the customer better is immediate. More…
Quality Assurance and Testing Services
We offer full-scale and custom QA and Testing Services across the entire software test life cycle. Our portfolio of QA and Testing services includes product testing, functional and non-functional testing, enterprise and application testing segments. More…

Management Services

If putting together the right IT infrastructure and applications is one thing, ensuring high availability, high performance and service levels is another thing. Without ensuring the optimal performance of the IT infrastructure there can never be desired business outcomes. Kollasoft aims to deliver efficient and high-quality services in the direction of managing IT at an optimal cost, with concern for time and budget constraints.

Our application management process allows for,

Considerable time for core activities and frees them of routine operational issues
Structured approach to transition and manage applications
Achieving scalability, resource efficiency and cost control
Focus on user satisfaction
Incident / asset based pricing
Streamlining and standardizing processes
Formal processes for governance and change management

Architecture Services &
Information Management Services

We work with the client’s in-house teams to enhance their enterprise architecture. Our portfolio of architecture services helps organizations to respond dynamically and modify their business models as per the current market trends.

The success of Enterprise Architecture depends on a deep understanding of the business’ objectives and the key IT challenges it confronts. Our offer of architecture services ranges from assessment and continues till implementation.

Kollasoft’s Enterprise Architecture services include an assessment to understand the maturity of each business’ IT infrastructure, and the study to know the viability and progress of your current infrastructure.
Our Enterprise Architecture Planning helps clients to align their business processes, information flows, automated systems, and technical infrastructure with their strategic business goals.
We ensure that our Enterprise Architecture Implementation adheres to the best practices, and ensures that each business achieves higher ROI.
Our full-fledged Enterprise Architecture Governance helps businesses to achieve high performance and builds a rich IT infrastructure.
We help businesses to cut down on systems evaluation and selection time by offering full-scale Product Evaluation and Selection services.
With our support clients can leverage on sophisticated architecture to meet their business goals. Our SOA implementations integrate people, information and processes totally.
Our Solution Architecture Assessment & Definition helps in the development of sophisticated architecture to meet the client’s business goals.

Cloud & Infrastructure
Management Services

Kollasoft offers comprehensive and innovative Cloud and IT Infrastructure services include, Data Center Services, Data Center Rationalization, Desktop Management, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Security, Enterprise systems management, Migration and Deployment, Network Services and Business Integration.
Data Center Services
Development of a robust data center infrastructure with complete optimization of IT assets
Data Center Rationalization
With an assurance on high performance
Desktop Management
To enhance your desktop and laptop infrastructure.
Desktop Management
To enhance your desktop and laptop infrastructure.
Enterprise Mobility
Bring an assurance on improved connectivity, productivity, operational efficiency, and customer service.
Enterprise Security
The security challenges of each client are addressed by developing a custom and robust security infrastructure.
Enterprise Systems Management
We ensure that there is optimal performance, cost savings and integration of business objectives with IT strategies.
Migration and Deployment
Migration and Deployment are achieved through scalable and holistic solutions
Network Services
Robust network scalability and network security are assured, with achievement of maximum business value.
Business Integration
Developing IT infrastructure that allows for world-class business integration.


As a business enhances its global reach, the challenges relating to design, manufacturing, production and support are on the rise; also the demands to improve business processes is a continuous process that needs to be addressed.

Kollasoft’s end-to-end life-cycle management services help in developing the roadmap from product to implementation. We impart a competitive advantage to each client’s business with the advantages of faster time-to-market, reduced cost of product development and product innovation.

We specialize in the following aspects of lifecycle management.

  • PLM Consulting: We develop, design and modernize your applications that match the changing environment.
  • PLM Implementation: We ensure that the client’s business-goals are aligned with the IT processes
  • PLM Maintenance and Support: We provide the necessary consulting and maintenance assistance that is needful for successful product lifecycle implementation. 


The global commerce has moved from ecommerce to mcommerce that throws out great many challenges ahead. With increased use of smart or mobile devices, the demand is for greater accessibility everywhere and anytime for a business, services and products.

Business mobility has changed the way business processes are run, and the end-user’s needs are met. We help businesses to leverage on the gains of using mobile technology. From consulting, development and managed services, we catapult brick-and-mortar businesses to become everywhere, and anytime businesses.

Our portfolio of mobility services includes, 

  • Aftermarket Service
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • Project Management Cockpits
  • Warehouse Operations

Quality Assurance
and Testing

We consider quality as primary for the success of each project engagement. Kollasoft adheres and upholds high quality standards. Our QA and Testing processes are enabled by certified QC professionals who follow strict quality assurance methodologies with utmost consistency.

The crucial role of Testing in the software lifecycle is proven and established.  As each software developed has a direct bearing on efficient business operations, customer satisfaction and capability to confront business competition, 

QA and Testing are deciding and fundamental for operational efficiency of the business. We provide a mix of strategic end-to-end testing and rigorous test execution. 


Business organizations have to keep pace with the need for constant innovation, and product portfolio maintenance. As the technology scenario keeps changing quickly, adapting to the change means to accept new technologies that are cost effective and reliable. By adopting innovative technologies and product engineering practices, business organizations can keep pace with the challenges of change. 

Kollasoft helps businesses by constant innovation, launching of new products, improving time-to-market capabilities and maintaining large product portfolios at reduced costs. We bring two advantages to each product development engagement – Extensive software product engineering experience, and Flexible product outsourcing models with collaboration to provide scale, reduce cost and increase time-to-market.

Kollasoft collaborates with the clients at any stage of the product development process, which may include (not limited to) Research and Innovation, Product Development, Product Testing and QA, Product Services, and Product Sustenance and Support.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
400 South Ave Suite #7,
Middlesex, NJ-USA-08846

9903 E Bell rd Suite#130
Scottsdale AZ 85260

G 2, Newmark House, Patrika Nagar,
Madhapur, Hyderabad-81, TS
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHWe are Social
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright by Kolla Soft Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Kolla Soft Inc. All rights reserved.